Meet Bunmi
(Pronounced Boomie)

Entrepreneur, Motivational Teacher, Personal Mindset & Action Taker Coach, Certified Small Business and Direct Sales Consultant. 

Direct Sales Consultant, Bunmi Adebanjo

“It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.”
— Henry Ford

CEO of B Signature Professionals, Bunmi Adebanjo is a sought after Personal Mindset & Action Taker Coach and a certified small business consultant.  With over thirty plus years in  real estate, direct sales, communications among others, Bunmi brings to the table cutting edge strategies that separates top achievers in many spheres of life.

A woman of many hats, Bunmi is also the CEO of B Signature Collections; a custom made gift basket designing company.  B Signature Collections through the creative talent of Bunmi, is changing how gifting is done to make a lasting impression.

An effective communicator, Bunmi is educating, motivating, inspiring and equipping people with the information relevant to their needs. Her warmth and ability to relate to diverse audiences does not go unnoticed.

B Signature Professionals is an affiliate of Legalshield.  We specialize in small business solutions and logistics.  Bunmi is passionate about managing risks that businesses must navigate in today's marketplace.